Oh no, I broke a string

But I don't know who can fix it - We can.

We have records dating back over 20 years, of clients that have used our services, many are local, and a growing number post their rackets to us, as they value what we do.  

We offer a range of services, from restringing your racket,  applying an overgrip, or replacing the original one. Some clients want more, and by that, we mean customization. 

Our clients return again and again, as once we finalize what works for you, we can replicate that spec every time. This is why some clients have been with us for over 20 years. 

Anyone can put strings in a racket, while this is true, what we do is very different, as we fully engage with our clients to understand what level of game you have today and what you want to achieve, taking other factors into consideration, like age and gender, plus historical injuries - only then will we determine what would suit best. 

Depending on what strings we use, the cost of a restring can be £18 for an entry-level string, up to £30+, again depending on what strings we use.  

We stock many of the main brands and can get virtually any string within 24/48 hours. So, nothing is impossible. 

We use brands like Wilson, Head, Babolat, Prince, Tecnifibre, Solinco, Luxilon & Dunlop, plus others. 

The cost = £18 - £30 +

(the string we use will determine the cost)

We are based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

However, we do travel to our 4 neighbouring counties, often stringing on-site at tennis clubs in Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and Hampshire. 

Some of our clients that have moved away still insist on sending us their rackets by post, they are usually turned around in 48 hours.

I want what the Pros have.

Here's the tennis conundrum - why do (most) professional players change their racket every 9 games?

Is it because the strings are free?  

No, it is because their game is built on working with the inherent recoil that comes with a new set of strings, and after only 9 games the tension has dropped off to a point where they can feel the difference, and they need a fresh racket. 

The strings they use don't last very long, they don't need to. So, unless you are playing at a very high level, there's no point spending a small fortune, just to say, 'I use the same string combination as Roger, Rafa, or Novak.

Big Banger - Rough

This is a high-quality string and is used 
by many Pros in the form of a hybrid.

A hybrid = a stiff polyester string one 
way, with a softer string the other way, offering a solid blend. 

Big Banger in the whole racket £27 

A BB hybrid with a softer string £24


In addition to the recognized brands on the market, a recent addition is Solinco.

Hyper-G is one that is getting the attention of the younger player, it might be the bright color, but it's a good string.

Hyper-G in the whole racket £24

In a hybrid with a softer string £22

Barb Wire

Another popular Solinco string is Barb Wire, as it is constructed with lots of edges, so if you take a big cut of the 
ball, you get massive topspin. 

Barb Wire in the whole racket £24

In a hybrid with a softer string £22

RPM Blast

One of Babolat's flagship polyester strings. They say 'as used by Rafa' 

Also profiled for additional topspin. 

RPM in the whole racket £28

In a hybrid, with a softer string £24


Most tennis players over time will encounter injuries. When the arm or shoulder hurts, you may need a string that will not cause you any pain. 

NXT is made up of over 1,000 tiny 
strands of string wrapped in a cover. 

NXT in the whole racket £28


Every string manufacturer is trying to replicate natural gut, as that is recognized as the benchmark. 

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is the closest you can get to natural gut and is used 
by many top players. 

Biphase in the whole racket £30

Racket Stringing

Professional Stringing Services

In the world of racket sports, it's amazing to see how many players will be so concerned about what racquet they play with, going to great lengths to find that "perfect stick". Then, give very little consideration to what strings they use. 

For the record, we in the business of racket sports believe that the strings are to the racquet, what the engine is to a high-performance car. 

Who We Are?

Highly qualified and motivated professionals.
UKRSA, ERSA, MRT accreditation. 

We specialize in tennis, but can also restring badminton and squash rackets. We have been stringing rackets for over 20 years, and deliver a range of services. 

We offer a free consultation to discuss your specific needs, as everyone is different, and we aim to ensure you can play your best game with strings that don't hurt you and last more than a few sets.


Depending on who you ask, you will get a range of answers about the different types of tennis strings. 

A few years back, everyone used Natural Gut, the problem was, it didn't last very long and it was very expensive.  Today, Natural Gut is considered by many to be the best all-around strings on the market.  Many top professionals still use it in a combination called a 'hybrid' which we will cover later.

Every other string on the market today is in some way made from a blend of polyester. (Plastic)

Polyester Strings

Essentially, its construction is a single piece of polyester. 

Because of their firm make-up, polyester strings are 
control-oriented and the spin potential is unmatched. 
Many polyester strings come in a variety of shapes, which 
help grip the ball delivering more spin. 

Many professional / advanced-level tennis players choose polyester strings for a variety of reasons, but mainly they are durable and provide lots of power, control, and spin.

  Multifilament Strings

Everyone is trying to replicate the qualities of Natural Gut, 
the closest today are multifilament strings, which comprise literally 100's and often 1,000's of tiny strands of string.

The idea is that the strands of strings move when you strike the ball, giving a dampening quality, and absorbing the impact on your wrist, elbow, and shoulder. 

These strings also give tremendous feedback to the player, allowing you to hit the ball with confidence along with a 
high degree of controlled power.  

Natural Gut

Pierre Babolat was the first to invent natural gut strings for tennis in 1875 when tennis was in its infancy. Today Babolat natural Gut strings set the standard all others try to follow. 
At Wimbledon 2022, 170 players used natural gut strings. 

Profiled Strings

Everything we do centers on providing services of the highest level of quality. We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied – that’s a guarantee.

Go wild with colour

With modern polyester strings being more arm-friendly, why not experiment the next time we have your racket?


Our cost model - we take the cost of the strings we use in your racket and add a nominal cost for our time.

Additional Services 
Trust us we've seen it all.

Some rackets that come to us have had a very hard life.

Grommet strips are worn down to the point where the frame has been damaged. In most cases, a new grommet set can extend the life of the racket.

Wrong grip size?  
Often, when searching for a racket with a grip size L3, you can only find an L2 or an L4. We can increase and or reduce the grip size to give you just what you need.

Full racket customization
We can increase and in some cases reduce the weight of a racket. This is not something we recommend people try for themselves.  We consult with every client to fully understand what they are trying to achieve, then we modify the racket.

Racket recommendations
Based on our real-world experience, and our knowledge base acquired well over two decades, plus our understanding of what is on the market today, we can come up with a good idea of what might work for you. 

Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a physically demanding sport, especially if you are over-exerting yourself and trying to muscle the ball with stiff rackets and even stiffer or dead strings. At some stage your wrist, elbow, or shoulder will decide - no, that hurts too much, then you could be out of action for months.

How many times have you seen tennis players walk onto a court and start hitting balls? Most people do it. 
Is it any wonder they can't play due to the fact 
"I've pulled something" 

Injuries could be avoided by adopting a proper warm-up routine. A full set of static exercises, including using resistance bands for the upper body and extensive stretching of the lower body could avoid major injuries.

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